I cast a full set of bronze Univers Condensed brands to create this branded poster.

The challenges of branding yielded a lot of serendipitous results. Heating the brands evenly is difficult, and the threshold between burning paper and igniting paper is slim.

I experimented with different papers, materials, and branding methods. When misted with water, papers with a high rag content produced a hazy burn when branded. To explore textures, I burned through objects like leaves and linen thread. The results were exciting and unpredictable. I used the brands to create a series of posters with messages celebrating the process: Build It Up to Burn It Down, Indulge Burning Desires, and Lose Sight/Gain Insight.

The bottom two images were taken by the Project Passion team. (Many thanks!) Check out the rest of the 2015 Project Passion exhibition!

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